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Our Fullerton Dancers have great working chemistry because of their friendships outside of work in Orange County. Our Female Strippers are highly accountable because of their respect and trust for our Fullerton office. Femaleexoticdancerscalifornia.co : We have extensive knowledge of our geographical operating areas wand our female exotic dancers are always the bets out of Fullerton. For questions and answers please see below for and that you may have.
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Frequently Asked Question

Q 1: Are the ladies on time in Fullerton?
A 1: The ladies try they're hardest to be on time or before; however, some parties run late but the ladies will show up ASAP.

Q 2: Do I get the ladies I pick?
A 2: We always send one of your picks, so if you order 1 lady we will have you choose 2 incase.

Q 3: Where do the ladies perform?
A 3: The location will be wherever you desire.

Q 4: Do I pay on credit card?
A 4: Certain locations are a yes, local areas can pay on arrival.

Q 5: Is there a distance fee?
A 5: There is always a distance fee and always different depending on location.

Q 6: Do I tip the ladies?
A 6: The ladies work off of tips so YES!!!!!

Q 7: Do the ladies have transportation?
A 7: The ladies do have their own driver and security.

Q 8: What are the rules when the ladies arrive?
A 8: Each forbidden lady has their own rules and would let you know on arrival.

Q 9: Do I bring the music?
A 9: All the ladies have their own props.

Q 10: how much does it cost to book any exotic dancer?
A 10: Depending on the occasion and style, please take a look at the price page.

Q 11: What does the show for the house parties consist of?
A 11: The show consists of three main parts. The intro to which the ladies perform a sexy lap dance and strip tease on the "special" guest. Playful party games that include money being hidden in special areas, whip cream shots, body shots, spanking and a great fire show!!! The ladies also offer a special girl on girl show complete with sex toys, strippers oils, candles and the "special" guest at the end.
Q 12: Can we take pictures and videotape?
A 12: Majority allow pictures at a certain cost and absolutely no video taping allowed!!!
Q 13: How much in advance should I make a reservation?
A 13: There is same day service; however, its best to reserve at least 1-2 weeks in advance which can be done on the phone (951) 601-2437 or on the web site.

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